Harnessing The Energy Of Stress with Julie Hutchinson

Jun 09, 2023

Julie Hutchinson from Core Performance has been featured in a thought-provoking guest article on MysticMag. The article delves into profound insights and effective stress management techniques and how to harness the energy of stress for greater success.  At Core Performance, our mission is to empower individuals to reach their full potential, even in the face of uncertainty.

Can you tell us more about the Core Performance approach and how it differs from traditional methods of stress management?

Our organization specialises in working with the physiology of the body and the mind-body connection. Our focus is on achieving coherence in both the body and the brain. We have developed techniques to help individuals reduce stress and anxiety using biofeedback devices. We firmly believe that stress is not inherently bad; it only becomes detrimental when we don't know how to manage it.


Our unique approach involves teaching people how to harness the energy of stress and transform it into a positive force rather than a negative one. Many individuals are unaware of how to effectively work with stress within their own physiology and brain, and that's what sets us apart and makes our methods different and impactful.


Most traditional methods involve external resources such as diet, exercise, medication, or therapy. We specialize in teaching individuals how to manage stress from the inside out with no need to medication, diet or exercise. This puts YOU in control of your stress or anxiety vs. it being in control of you.

How does biofeedback technology work, and how do you incorporate it into your coaching process?

Our approach involves utilizing a biofeedback app that can be easily accessed on your phone and connected to your ear. This user-friendly app allows you to use it anytime and anywhere, whether you're on the go, in meetings, or even driving your car. Think of the biofeedback app as training wheels on a bicycle. It serves as a tool to train you in the art of biohacking your body and shifting the negative impact of stress into a positive force.


Once you've mastered this technique, you won't rely on the device anymore, as you'll be able to internally implement the practices we teach you. It's a simple and effective way to empower yourself and take control of your body's response to stress.

Can you share a success story of an executive client who has benefited from your coaching program and how it has helped them improve their performance and well-being?

I have numerous video testimonials available on my website and LinkedIn, and I'm active on various social media platforms where you can find more. Let me share a couple of testimonials that come to mind right away. One of our clients, a Vice President of Customer Service with 25 years of experience, reported waking up happy on a Monday for the first time in 25 years, just six weeks after learning to implement our techniques. This means that he changed his internal baseline from stress to peace inside his nervous system. Another executive shared a similar experience, mentioning that they used to wake up with automatic anxiety but now wake up feeling calm and peaceful.


The key to these testimonials lies in the permanent change we help people achieve. It's not through drugs, diet, or exercise, but by fundamentally altering the body's biological baseline, shifting from anxiety, overwhelm, and stress to peace, love, and enjoyment. The internal change is profound. Another client recently completed our program and reported a 100% increase in productivity. They no longer struggle with focus, concentration, or brain fog, and the negative internal dialogue has disappeared.


We have a wide range of testimonials from individuals who have achieved remarkable results, including getting off high blood pressure medication and effectively managing their blood pressure during stressful moments. For instance, one client reduced their blood pressure by 35 points in just 20 minutes using our technique, preventing a potentially dangerous situation. These testimonials illustrate the transformative power of our approach.

How do you ensure that the emotional well-being techniques you use are evidence-based and effective for clients?

At the beginning of our program, we conduct assessments to determine individuals' baselines from a physiological standpoint. This allows us to track their progress throughout the program. We closely monitor their biometric measurements and the state of their nervous system. The positive changes they experience in their physiology translate into significant improvements in their daily lives. They report experiencing fewer arguments, less drama, and a newfound ability to manage their emotions in ways they couldn't before.


Essentially, the program empowers individuals to shift from being controlled by their emotions and reacting impulsively to being in control of their emotions and responding thoughtfully. It's a transformative shift that brings about lasting positive change in their emotional well-being and overall quality of life.

Can you explain how the Stress Resilience Training System (SRTS) works and how it has been applied by the Department of Defense?

So, we developed a comprehensive program that included an iPad application with various games. The games started off simple and easy, like a race car game where you built your own race car avatar. In order to fuel your race car, you had to achieve a state of coherence, which represents flow and balance in your autonomic nervous system. You would learn to race your car from a state of coherence, creating a competitive yet stress-free environment. As the games progressed, they became more challenging to build resilience over time. We incorporated metrics, measurements, and tests into the games, and even conducted a research study for the military, which demonstrated the effectiveness of our approach in reducing PTSD symptoms.


Suicide prevention was a significant aspect of our program, and we have testimonials from individuals who, after learning our techniques, found a renewed sense of well-being and abandoned their plans of self-harm. It's truly incredible. Our approach is rooted in heart rate variability, teaching people how to biohack their heart rhythms. By shifting from the head to the heart, individuals connect with their passions and love, tapping into a profound source of self-identity and a sense of connection to the world and others. It's a transformative journey of being.


We offer both corporate trainings and our signature program, the Resilient Transformation Academy, designed for individual participants over four-months. The program guides individuals from a state of stress or survival to a state of creation and flow. It incorporates multiple elements, such as an online membership website, weekly Zoom Resilient clinics, one-on-one sessions, and a supportive Facebook community.


In the Academy, participants practice the techniques, receive guidance, and engage with like-minded individuals who encourage one another. Individual coaching calls take the participants to the next level of personal growth.


Our company trainings, while less in-depth, still provide valuable tools to overcome stress through biofeedback. They are group trainings without individual coaching sessions, yet they effectively help individuals break free from the grips of stress.

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