We believe in giving you the tools to reduce stress, overwhelm, and anxiety in the moment. Empowering you to take control from the inside out. Watch a few Interviews below to see what are clients are experiencing.




                             OVERCOMING ANXIETY

Interview with Peggy W.

Senior Manager of IT

How Peggy was able to let go of anxiety and become a more empowered manager using this powerful system. Here is a short clip.

Interview with Tayler B.

Behavioral Therapist

Tayler shares her extraordinary transformation from having terrible anxiety, not able to sleep, and having digestive disorders to thriving, sleeping, and having the ability to shift anxiety to peace in the moment. Taking back her power from the inside out!

Interview with Dena L.

Team lead and Manager for International Realty Company 

Learn how Deana went from having extremely high anxiety and migraines to having the ability to remain calm, composted and confident in stressful situations while reducing the pain of her migraines.  After implementing the techniques she noticed a remarkable improvement in her leadership style which resulted in her team performing better and reaching their goals.

Interview with Dwight F.

VP of Business Development

Dwight shares his transformation from feeling anxiety, challenges sleeping, and focusing to finding balance, peace, and truly loving himself. Dwight's physical ailment of sciatica has virtually disappeared and he can now feel the flow of energy through his body.

Interview with Hadley H.

VP of Marketing

Hadley, VP of Marketing, shares her transformation from living in a state of stress and overwhelm to how she was able to achieve more balance, self-care and increase her productivity by 100% in just 4 short months.



Interview with Mark C.

Product Sales Consultant

From feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and depressed after an acquisition of his company to balanced and energized in a matter of just 8 weeks. Using specialized tools and techniques to gain confidence, balance and alignment with heart and mind Mark was able to overcome limitations to enhance his resilience. Mark learned the power of his heart to help secure wins for some of his largest clients and increase sales.

Interview with Christina B.

Market Research Executive

Christina shares her remarkable transformation from stress to peace of mind in just a few short weeks. She is now manifesting with ease and creating a life by design. She healed relationships that she felt were too far gone to fix. In her professional life her productivity skyrocketed and her intuition has increased 10 fold allowing greater confidence in decision making and focus.

Interview with Marissa M.

Co-Founder and Manager for Brilliantly

Marrissa, co-founder and managing partner of Brilliantly, shares her journey from a high-performing executive who went from exhaustion and burnout to co-creating a new company and thriving. Her inspiring journey showcases that success and thriving come from harnessing the power within ourselves.

Interview with Miguel C.

Management Division Head for Naval Surface Warfare Center

Miguel Curl, Management Division Head for Naval Surface Warfare Center, explains his fear of having a heart attack after receiving the COVID vaccine. Once he learned the tools and techniques described in this video, he is no longer fearful of having a heart attack. He is in control of his heart rhythms which gives him the power to calm his heart in any stressful situation.


Interview with Jeff H.


Jeff was able to overcome feelings of anger and completely stop taking his depression medication in just 8 short weeks.

Interview with Chris C.

VP and Managing Partner at People To Go

Learn how Chris went from experiencing stress, anger, and working continuously to finding balance, inner peace, and the ability to overcome anger in a manner of minutes to stay focused and productive at work and at home.

Interview with Jan T.

Learn how Jan, mother of two young children, went from feeling overwhelmed, angry and anxious as a mother to peace, balance, and flow with her children and family. As a result of her practice, she was able to get her diabetes under control and reduced her insulin levels.

Interview with Harlow R.

Harlow Russell, Founder and President of Awesome 3D Cards, shares his transformation from growing up in stress, frustration and anger to now living in peace, happiness, and joy without changing his diet, exercise or medication. Instead, he learned how to shift the way he was thinking and feeling to find more peace, joy, and happiness from the inside out.



Interview with Kim L.

Director of Integrative Medicine

Kim, a medical provider at a non-profit, was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and easily agitated. She took work home with her every night, often worked weekends, and hadn’t taken a vacation in several years.


Interview Casey J.

Casey shares her remarkable transformation from feeling a large amount of stress and feeling like she was drowning to feeling like she is "floating" now. She increased her productivity by 50%, her pay by 30%, and became the leader she had always wanted to be. Most importantly, she was able to find her passion again and be present with those around her.

Interview with Skip P.

CEO and Founder for Pond Holdings

Skip shares his transformation from feeling overwhelmed, not present, and feeling dread when he faced certain tasks to increasing his productivity by 50%, being present with his family and finding more joy and flow in his life.



Interview with Arielle F.

Arielle had several tools from the past to transform her stress but nothing seemed to work when things got tough. She realized those tools were just band-aids. She discovered that the stress and anxiety she was experiencing had affected her nervous system. She began applying this step-by-step technique to shift her nervous system into peace, happiness, and joy for the results she was looking for!



Interview with Becky P.

HR specialist, Employee Benefits Programs

Becky shifted from a baseline of stress to waking up feeling peace and calm each morning. Here how she moved from disempowering self-talk to positive self-talk creating a future of optimism and adventure.

Interview with Seth K.

Vice President, Portfolio Management and Capability Engineering

Seth was very successful but underneath was unhappy, stressed and often felt anxiety which lead to a lack of confidence. During the Resilient Transformation Program Seth realized that his self doubt was the core of his challenges. He quickly learned the tools and techniques to transform his self-doubt to confidence, stress to inner peace and joy. In this inspiring interview, you will learn more about Seth’s journey and transformation.

Interview with Stacey O.

President and Owner, Cole Graphic Solutions Inc.

Stacey shares her story of how she went from being depressed, unhappy, worried about her marriage, her company, and not being able to recharge to gaining back her confidence, resilience, inner peace and thriving once again!


Interview with Steven K.


Interview with Dr. Christie A.

Dr. Alexander shares an inspiring journey in how she aligned her brain with her heart, thoughts, emotions, actions, and behaviors to create increased productivity, focus, and the ability to manifest with great ease and grace.


Interview with Rodger J.

Peer Advisory Chair for Vistage & Executive Coach

Roger's video testimonial depicts his transformation from years of stress resulting from running companies and pushing himself too hard. This stress had caused breakdowns in his nervous system and deprived him of sleep. However, he has now found a solution that enables him to enjoy a full night's sleep, greater focus, and energy. Moreover, he has a tool that keeps him calm during periods of chaos or frustration. His story illustrates how he overcame his challenges and offers insights into how others may also find ways to address similar issues.

Interview with Banke O.


Banke, a single mom and successful executive, shares about a time in her life that was the most stressful: feeling overworked and overwhelmed and not sleeping. After learning self-regulation techniques in the Resilient Transformation Academy, she was able to move into flow. She made the move to launch her company from a place of calm and clarity. She realized she has the answers within her to make decisions and move forward with much greater ease once she was able to access her heart's intuitive intelligence.


Interview with Becky R.

Personal Development Space Pe

Becky Robbins, a pioneer in the personal development space, visionary artist, and humanitarian, shares her journey from experiencing stress, and not sleeping to creating the life of her dreams in a matter of a few short months. For more information about Becky, please visit If you choose to have a transformation like Becky's, you can schedule a discovery time here:

Interview with Loren C.

VP Business Development, LIFT Aviation

Loren was facing a large amount of stress, feeling overwhelmed and rushing to get things done, not able to really enjoy life. She had tried many modalities to transform her stress with no real relief. That is, until she learned self-regulation techniques to get to the root of the problem, rebalancing her nervous system and rewiring her brain for real-time and long-term benefits.


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